Kate green

In Search of the White Letter Hairstreak

A Butterfly Odyssey

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Join me as I walk the Wigmore Rolls

in hope of finding this elusive insect

More details to follow!

Walking the Pipe at Bleddfa

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Walking the Pipe on Radio 4

Ramblings with Clare Balding





I have become increasingly interested in the ‘art of nothing’ in the context of the English countryside; in exploring the concept of the communication of ‘just being’ as an art-form.  This includes finding my place in a landscape with a non-linear history; where I can connect with the footprints of others in any time or space.  Always ideas led, my choice of material is secondary; and although in the past I would have described myself as a problem solver and a maker, recently I am more willing to accept the inexplicable and have allowed myself to work in a more intuitive and kinder way.